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Homapal - SRM

Scratch Resistant Matt

SRM for short, is the name of HOMAPAL‘s new highly scratch-proof matt surface with antifingerprint finish. It is provided on selected aluminium, copper and brass decors in various textures and colours, such as taupe, champagne or gold, as well as on magnetic boards in the plain colours of macchiato, light grey, stone grey and white.

„Scratch-Resistant Matt“ is suitable for horizontal use in line with duty class 3 under EN 438, e.g. for counters in exhibition-stand construction and shop fitting or counters in bars and restaurants, for tables and work surfaces in the office or kitchen, but also in the contract segment, such as in hotels.

size [mm]              thickness [mm]          minimum order

2440/3050 x 1220            0,8 - 1,3                                      10 pcs./decor

The decorative images are taken from a standing panel

325 SRM Alu Strichmatt Champagnerton
401/200 SRM Kupfer Glatt Crush
401/229 SRM Kupfer Glatt Crush Stipple
431 SRM Alu Kreuzstrichmatt Natur
434 SRM Alu Kreuzstrichmatt Goldton
439 SRM Alu Kreuzstrichmatt Taupe
441 SRM Alu Strichmatt Natur
442 SRM Alu Strichmatt Goldton
444N SRM Alu Gebürstet Natur
446 SRM Alu Strichmatt Stahlton
447 SRM Alu Strichmatt Kupferton
451 SRM Alu Strichmatt Bronzeton
454 SRM Alu Strichmatt Rose Gold
455/000 SRM Alu Strichmatt Dunkelgrau
456 SRM Alu Strichmatt Bronzeton Medium
490 SRM Kupfer Glatt Antik
500/340 SRM Messing Diamond Antique
682 SRM Alu Satiné Stahlton
690/340 SRM Kupfer Diamond Antique
695D SRM Kupfer Stratos Diagonal
800/200 SRM Alu Glatt Crush
820/000 SRM Alu Gebürstet Softmatt Natur Spezial
8231 SRM Magnet Alu Kreuzstrichmatt Nat
8293 SRM Magnet Macchiato
8295 SRM Magnet Steingrau
8296 SRM Magnet Weiss
8298 SRM Magnet hellgrau

Downloads SRM

SRM Metals Technical Data (pdf)

SRM Machining Leitz (pdf)

SRM Machining Magnetic Boards Leitz (pdf)