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Homapal Magnetic Boards

Magnetic Boards - the perfect symbiosis of functionality and design. A high degree of sticking power combined with the fact that the surfaces, available in a wide range of colours, can be written on opens a whole world of diverse applications. 

Due to an iron foil which is embedded in the laminate we are achieving a very high magnetic effect. As such, large-format documents, e.g. plans, posters and other objects can be easily fixed in place with magnets and then removed again without leaving a trace. HOMAPAL® Magnetic Boards are available in numerous basic and contemporary colours and, depending on the surface finish, can be written on using chalks or board markers.

Some of the décors are also available with a reduced light reflection effect for projection purposes. The possible applications are virtually unlimited and range from shopfitting to shop window designs, displays and information boards to children's and kitchen furniture, in fact anywhere where things have to be flexibly fixed and removed again. 

size [mm]                 thickness [mm]

2440/3050 x 1220                 1,0

Decor information:

P ... suitable as a projection screen
C ... chalk writeable
B ... board marker writable
B * ... Conditionally dry wipe, more frequent basic cleaning required

Please observe the processing guidelines
(press temperature max 60 ° C)
as well as the cleaning instructions in the Downloads

8202 B
8205 C
8206 B
8207 P+B
8208 B
8211 C
8217 P+B*
8219 P+B*
8222 B
8224 B
8225 C
8232 B
8233 B
8234 C
8246 B
8247 B