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Homapal - AQUARIS SpaSystem

fast, clean, perfect ...

Developed for wet rehabilitation, Homapal AQUARIS panels are glued directly to an existing wall without back ventilation. The removal of tiles is no longer necessary, consuming and costly disassembly and disposal of old tiles is eliminated. The low panel thickness, the ommission of substructure, fast and precise installation and a complete system including shower floor, provide witty an almost unrivaled alternative to conventional rehabilitation methods.

   size [mm]           thickness [mm]         weight [kg/m²]

   3030 x 1280                            7,4                                 2,7
   2330 x 1280                            7,4                                 2,7

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F2255 Polar White (MAT)
F7938 Glacier (MAT)
F7927 Folkestone (MAT)
F7912 Storm (MAT)
F0187 Kashmir (MAT)
F7846 Grotto (MAT)
F8822 Denim (MAT)
F7966 New Burgundy (MAT)
F0949 White (MAT)


F1079 Natural Oak (MAT/NAT)
F8006 Avignon Walnut(MAT/NAT)
F5374 Elegant Oak (MAT/NAT)
F8853 Rural Oak (MAT/PGN)
F6052 Cottage Oak (PGN)
F5483 Mocca Firwood (MAT)
F5884 Chestnut Woodline 1(MAT/NAT)
F5489 Espresso Pear (MAT/NAT)
F5477 Ebony Oak Cross (MAT)

true scale

F3425 Silver Nacarado (NDF)
F3460 Calacatta Marble (AB)
F3459 Soapstone Sequoia (AHD)
F3476 Jet Sequoia (AB)
F9485 Nero Grafite (NDF)
F3462 Slate Sequoia (AB)
F8832 Elemental Corten (AHD)


F7912 Storm (AN)
F6316 Neo Tornado (AN)
F0949 White (AN)


F8837 Brushed Zinc (MAT)
F5583 Steel Metal (MAT)