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Homapal - Aluminium

Metals offer in addition to the unique colouring and sheen, an exceptional touch which makes them an interesting and inimitable choice. Alongside the technical properties and advantages, it is, first and foremost, the visual aspect which renders HOMAPAL metal surfaces so striking. 

HOMAPAL® use thinly rolled foils of aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel (1.4301) to produce the laminates. Using a special embossing technique, the surfaces are furnished with different structures and pressed onto a hard HPL core. What's more, some of the décors are then finished by hand. The result: laminates with real metal surfaces which create a range of ambiances; from cool and businesslike to warm, luxurious or rustic and many more beyond. 

The HOMAPAL® Metal collection comprises a total of 90 different décors which are able to satisfy a wide range of tastes, from classic to modern, from design-orientated to artistic. 

HOMAPAL® Metal laminates are fire retardant according to both IMO (International Maritime Organisation) standards and DIN EN13501-1:2010-01(MPA Dresden GmbH, classified as B-s1, d0). 

On request, HOMAPAL® metal laminates are also available in FSC®-Mix quality (FSC-C092664).

size [mm]              thickness [mm]

2440/3050 x 1220             0,8 - 1,3
3050 x 1300                       1,0                Dekor 441, 446

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The decorative images are taken from a standing panel

325 Alu Strichmatt Champagnerton
325/360 Alu Sapphire Champagnertone
332/360 Alu Sapphire Oxygreen
346/770 Rivet V Stahlton
346/970 Rivet Flora
425/000 Alu Longline Champagner
426/000 Alu Longline Stahlton
429/000 Alu Longline Bronzeton
431 Alu Kreuzstrichmatt Natur
434 Alu Kreuzstrichmatt Goldton
439 Alu Kreuzstrichmatt Taupe
441 Alu Strichmatt Natur
442 Alu Strichmatt Goldton
444N Alu Gebürstet Natur
444/370 Rivet III
444/860 Alu Relief Footplate
444/920 Alu Riffel quer
444/930 Alu Riffel längs
446 Alu Strichmatt Stahlton
446/920 Alu Riffel quer Stahlton
446/930 Alu Riffel längs Stahlton
447 Alu Strichmatt Kupferton
447/966 Alu Relief Cella Kupferton
448 Alu Strichmatt Schwarz
448/966 Alu Relief Cella schwarz
451 Alu Strichmatt Bronzeton
451/100 Alu Relief Mesh Bronzeton
451/360 Alu Strichmatt Sapphire Bronzetone
454 Alu Strichmatt Rosé Gold
454/360 Alu Strichmatt Sapphire Rosegold
455/000 Alu Strichmatt Dunkelgrau
455/360 Alu Strichmatt Sapphire Dunkelgrau
456 Alu Strichmatt Bronzeton Medium
459/100 Alu Mesh Anthrazit
469/920 Alu Riffel quer Anthrazit
469/930 Alu Riffel längs Anthrazit
470 Alu Spiegelglanz Naturton Superior
470/100 Alu Spiegelglanz Mesh Naturton
470/124 Alu Spiegelglanz Cascade Naturton
470/636 Alu Spiegelglanz Lava Naturton
470/966 Alu Spiegelglanz Cella Naturton
470/8226 Alu Spiegelglanz Crossline Naturton
471 Alu Spiegelglanz Goldton
471/100 Alu Spiegelglanz Mesh Goldton
471/124 Alu Spiegelglanz Cascade Goldton
471/636 Alu Spiegelglanz Lava Goldton
471/966 Alu Spiegelglanz Cella Goldton
471/8226 Alu Spiegelglanz Crossline Goldton
473 Alu Spiegelglanz Tea
473/124 Alu Spiegelglanz Cascade Tea
473/636 Alu Spiegelglanz Lava Tea
473/966 Alu Spiegelglanz Cella Tea
473/8226 Alu Spiegelglanz Crossline Tea
474 Alu Spiegelglanz Smokey Grey
474/124 Alu Spiegelglanz Cascade Smokey Grey
474/636 Alu Spiegelglanz Lava Smokey Grey
474/966 Alu Spiegelglanz Cella Smokey Grey
474/8226 Alu Spiegelglanz Crossline Smokey Grey
475 Alu Gunmetal matt
475/636 Alu Spiegelglanz Lava Gunmetal Matt
477 Alu Spiegelglanz Kupferton
477/124 Alu Spiegelglanz Cascade Kupferton
477/636 Alu Spiegelglanz Lava Kupferton
477/966 Alu Spiegelglanz Cella Kupferton
477/8226 Alu Spiegelglanz Crossline Kupferton
480/000 Alu Spiegelglanz Normal Natur
485/000 Industrie Alu Spiegelglanz Spezial Natur
682 Alu Satiné Stahlton
704/966 Alu Relief Cella Goldton
791 Industriequalität Alu Strichmatt Natur Spezial
794 Industriequalität Alu Strichmatt Goldton Spezial
796 Industriequalität Alu Strichmatt Stahlton Spezial
796R Industriequalität Alu Strichmatt ROBUST Stahlton
800/100 Alu Relief Mesh Natur
800/200 Alu Glatt Crush
800-252 Alu New Crisp
800/852 Alu Relief Bico Small
802/970 Alu Relief Martele Goldton
804/252 Alu New Crisp Gold
805/400 Alu Relief Matrix Champagner
807/340 Alu Relief Diamond Bronzeton
807/970 Alu Relief Martelé Bronzeton
809/101 Alu Relief Mesh Vintage
809/252 Alu New Crisp Anthrazit
809/400 Alu Relief Matrix Anthrazit
809/970 Alu Relief Martelé Anthrazit
820/000 Alu Gebürstet Softmatt Natur Spezial
825/100 Alu Mesh Champagner
832/252 Alu New Crisp Oxygreen
834/252 Alu New Crisp Rose
856 Alu Dots Stahlton
866 Alu Footplate Stahlton

Discontinued Items

444/850 Alu Gebürstet Natur Dots
469/370 Rivet III Anthrazit
470/631 Spiegelglanz Kreise Natur
471/631 Spiegelglanz Kreise Goldton
475/635 Vulcano Gunmetall Matt A
741R Alu Strichmatt Robust Naturton
800/250 Crisp
802/320 Alu Metrica Goldton
802/340 Relief Diamond Goldton
806/400 Matrix Stahlton
807/320 Alu Metrica Bronzeton
809/320 Alu Metrica Anthrazit
809/340 Relief Diamond Anthrazit
825/350 Frozen Champagner