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with only 53 mm construction up to 20 dB less

Million square meters, successfully and reliably installed.

The technically mature and well-proven ZIPS sound insulation system reliably reduces the sound level. ZIPS finds its application both in the new building as well as with the renovation of old buildings, wherever an unpleasant and disturbing noise level is undesirable. Whether dog barking, noisy neighbors, TV or sound systems in the next room, children's room ... Zips also reliably insulates rehearsal and music rooms as well as street noise.

Soundproofing and Vibration-Insulation

Rapid installation and immediate effect - ZIPS products offer these characteristics through years of further development. Noise and vibration energy are reliably reduced.

From multilayer composite panels, which are assembled without a substructure, an effective system has been established over the years. A system consisting of a sandwich plate and a gypsum board as a cover layer requires only 53 mm overall construction.

Sound insulation without substructure

Working without a substructure facilitates installation and minimizes the loss of space through the insulation. The practical rebate plates have sound-absorbing layers that consist of mineral raw materials. A direct construction is possible due to the optimal strength and also allows the compensation of unevenness of the wall up to 1 cm / m.

Vibration-isolating fasteners prevent the formation of sound bridges and provide additional insulation properties.

The top layer of the sound insulation panels is a plasterboard panel, which additionally increases the sound insulation values ​​and is ready for the final coat after filling.


ZIPS can be self-assembled with little effort!

Technical specifications

Zips-Vector_technical-specifications (pdf)

Zips-types (pdf)