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Acoustic triplex Soundline-dB is a specialized three-layer material for the construction of sound insulating timber frame constructions, linings and suspended ceilings. Soundline-dB consists of two heavy water-resistant gypsum fiber boards with a thickness of 8 mm, connected by an elastic layer of special vibro-acoustic sealant.


Soundline-dB is used for sound insulation of timber frame constructions, linings and suspended ceilings.


Acoustic triplex consists of two weighted moisture-proof gypsum sheets with a thickness of 8 mm, connected by an elastically-resilient layer of special sealant.


  • eco-friendly - based of gypsum-fiber Board 
  • unique sound insulation of timber frame constructions - up to 68 dB
  • savings on installation - replaces 2 layers of gypsum Board
  • total thickness of the acoustic triplex is 16.5 mm
  • the best results of sound insulation structures
  • stability of the vibro-acoustic properties for a long time (over 25 years)

Technical specifications

Format [mm]: 1200 х 1200 

Thickness [mm]: 16,5

Weight [kg]: 30

Surface density [kg/m²]: 19,5

Bulk density [kg/m³]: 1200 

Acoustic specifications

Due to the elastic connection between rigid layers separated, the acoustic triplex «Soundline-dB» has a higher level of sound insulation in the frequency range, compared to the moisture resistant gyprum fiber board with equal of the surface density.

Technology of Installation

Acoustic triplex Soundline-dB is mounted on a metal frame partitions, linings and ceilings with screws for moisture proof gypsum board, and then covered with a layer of special acoustic gypsum board AKU-line with overlap joints.