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Sound Insulation

for floating screed floors

Shumoplast is a ready-to-use granule mixture and is used for sound insulation under floating soil. Shumoplast is particularly suitable for renovations of old buildings, since the granules can easily compensate for uneven floors. The time-consuming cutting of insulation boards is eliminated. After 48 hours, the screed can be introduced.

Special features

  • Packaging: boxes 60/60/60 cm, 0.2 m³, enough for 10 m² with 20 mm layer  thickness
  • Impact sound insulation: 24 - 32 dB
  • Unevenness up to 10 mm is compensated

Sound Insulation

The acoustic tests were carried out and confirmed by a certified testing laboratory.

Coating Type layer thicknesses
Sound Insulation Ln,w
Shumoplast 10 120 24
Shumoplast 20 120 28
Shumoplast 20 160 32